Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why Equal Money?

By Bernard Poolman

Equal money will serve as a symbol that gives each person on an individual level a way to protect their rights as an equal human and will delegate power to the individual in an astoundingly effective way

As it will be by matter of principle the right of each one to receive the required/agreed funds each month, --the moment some one do not receive it, the administrators will be informed and as a matter of principle no monthly equal money resource may be withheld for any reason whatsoever

The equal money resource will only be valid for food, shelter, education, communication ,travel and all functions related to the healthy development of the family and individual within a global system

with this enshrined--no fear of each other will exist

Violation of the right to life by any individual will be dealt with through a reconciliation and mediation council

because the individual will directly be able to participate in the securing of basic needs, the fear of control through technology will not be a major concern

Whether money or credits are used is rather irrelevant as it is only a name

the fact though is that the fear to be without money is quite deeply embedded in society and it will be best to use the symbols all has come to accept that represent wealth and security - MONEY

From a psychological view, that will be a lot easier to overcome deeply held distrust between the former rich and poor

with having neither rich or poor-- society will develop on the principle of self respect and respect of each other based on integrity and a name social norm foundation will develop

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