Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Human Body is the Equal Money System

23 March 2010

By: Joseph

I was putting myself to use and thinking up of how a equal money system would work and so I said to myself, well this equal money system can't be too far from me, and I realized it wasn't, my body lives it everyday. The human physical body's principle is to consider the survival of every cell otherwise it would collapse on itself or in other words die. Since every organ of the body revolves around serving the cell (in our reality the human) we simply have to model the organs in the body into reality just the same.

So let's start with the cell which basically requires food as represented by oxygen and glucose to survive and natural water to keep it in balance. Something like the human needing air, water and food.

Well what delivers these elements? Blood - as represented by money. What moves blood? The heart of course. Basically which is what a monetary system is. Which increases and lowers the circulation as the brain sees fit.

Next up we have the brain which constantly survey's whether every cell is getting it's rightful share of oxygen glucose and water (and will signal to the human being to drink water, eat food, or drink more). So the Brain will be a mass of individual beings who survey resources, give orders to direct the resources so as to ensure the survival or everybody. They will organize the blood flow (money flow) to all parts of the body as well as monitoring food growth and distribution. They will also monitor and take into account the broad amount of activities happening.

Next thing we'll have to deal with is the excrement system. HUMAN BEINGS SHIT AND WASTE FROM EATEN FOOD AND EXCRETED FOOD NEEDS TO BE PROPERLY HANDLED AND RECYCLED. Which is where the liver, kidney, and lung systems come in, where dangerous materials like poisonous yet "necessary" chemicals are manufactured and recycled. Lungs to get rid of human body waste andd....I'm going a little long here but you get the point. I'm pretty sure there are a variable amount of people who wouldn't hate dealing with waste and stuffs.

The muscles do just that, human beings creating structures that we require or desirLinke or need to assist with living and etc. People who are architects and like to build stuff.

So post here your insights on the connection of the one and equal human body to a money system and discuss the exact mechanisms of the brain as direction of the money system and liver and etc as waste system management. http://desteni.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=292&t=16492

post taken from the Desteni website

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