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2012 why I listened to the Desteni Message

Desteni and their message can create much controversy in the realms of the internet, especially back when they had all their video's of Sunette as the interdimensional portal 'channeling' all conceivable beings in existence on youtube - these channels have been taken down by youtube because they were being flagged by beings who felt that the Desteni message wasn't 'resonating' with them, they felt threatened in some way - so, like I said, the Desteni message has created some controversy. Mainly because it is such an unusual message, that is brought in an unusual way - and human beings feel threatened by everything that is unusual, which we then all too automatically judge as 'weird', 'strange' and 'freaky', all words that we have assigned a negative emotional charge, so based on these judgments we will often decide that something is 'bad' and 'negative', not ever really fully understanding what is being presented to us because we're not really willing to investigate with an open mind.

This is something that I have noticed when I brought up Desteni in a conversation with friends and family and in the way that people sometimes react to the Desteni message as what those who are walking the Desteni process of self-change are expressing to the world. So what made me then hear the Desteni message? How come the Desteni message 'resonated' with me and not with many others?

The reason I ask myself this question is because if one were to fully investigate what Desteni is about and apply the tools that is being presented such as self forgiveness, self honesty and self-corrective application, one would come to the realization that what Desteni shares is the most important message that has ever been expressed in this reality - a message that would save us all, as something that we as all of humanity have been waiting for since the dawn of man. They present the ultimate solution to this world, a solution that is based on actual real life investigation and application of these tools that has proven its effectiveness through time and that has been brought forth by the people behind Desteni.

Looking back at when I discovered Desteni and the 'state of mind' that I was in that made me 'susceptible' to their message - I can say that I was in a general feeling of lostness, despair even, I felt like I had no sense of direction. Ever since I got out of high school I had been attempting to 'make something of my life' as what was apparently expected of me by my family and society, though all of my attempts ended up in me basically giving up within this feeling that I simply don't see the point. I didn't see the point of why I had to do all these things with my life, what is the purpose of life anyway.

this experience within myself, a sense of dissatisfaction with my life and not really knowing fully why or how I got to that point of feeling like I did, led me to start investigating into spirituality as the feeling that there must be something 'more' to life than what I was experiencing, a reason behind it all that I must have always been missing. I read books, I meditated, went to a meditation course (Vipassana), tried visualization, got into 'The Secret' (Law of Attraction) and eventually started doing research on the internet about various topics that seemed to go into the 'hidden reality of this world' like all the conspiracy theories, unexplained events, the paranormal, the supernatural, UFO's, cropcircles, etcetera in which I could dig deeper and deeper and deeper yet it never seemed to end. And I was just looking for something, some kind of answer, some kind of purpose, anything - because I had this experience within myself on not understanding who I am or what life is or why I am here.

And even though I meditated and participated in all the spiritual beliefs, I still didn't quite 'get it' - as to the 'why?' of everything, of this entire reality. Then I came across a video of Sunette 'portalling' Hitler from the afterlife - and the first thing that struck me was that this was definitely unlike anything I had ever come across. It's funny that even though here was this girl who could apparently leave her body completely and Hitler as a demon from the 'interdimensional existence' could step into her body entirely and speak to us on this youtube channel, as something that is in fact totally out of the ordinary - I still felt like this was the most real, honest and direct expression that I had ever seen/heard, maybe even in my entire life.

I immediately started investigating the Desteni material and found that their message was exactly what I had been looking for - because what they shared was not just one of many spiritual messages of love and light and divinity that is mostly based on belief, hope and pretty words, which had only seemed to be instilling this inner confusion only further. What they presented was an actual practical solution, a tool to work with, which is self forgiveness and writing to freedom - that anyone could apply for themselves to truly find out who self is. the only necessity was for me to find out for myself whether or not what they shared was real or not by applying the tools. And so I did - I started applying self forgiveness and I started writing myself to freedom and instantly I could see, within applying myself, that this 'works'.

I saw that this was the answer that I had always been looking for, the only answer that could ever be real - which was where I would, rather than meditating to some energy based on a belief or placing my hopes and expectations for a better life in the hands of some Guru, master or guide and their message of bliss and love, learn to take responsibility for myself and face myself as who I am completely. This is something that I have in some way always known to be the answer to 'life' as who I am though what had always been missing was the practical tools to do this - and these tools is what I found at Desteni.

Desteni did not expect me to believe in their message or to blindly follow them in their 'convictions', as opposed to what I had always experienced with all the beings in my life like my family, teachers and politicians - but they made it very clear that whether or not you will be effective in realizing who you really are as life itself as oneness and equality is completely dependent on your application of the tools, which is the point of self-responsibility.

this is the point that I have found to be all determining - having walked the process of self-realization since 2008. Because within me taking responsibility for me in every moment of breath, standing as me as the living statement of life itself - I determine and decide who I am, I decide my purpose. Therefore there is no more searching, hoping, expecting or longing for a 'purpose in life' as something separate from myself - as I am the purpose of life, within and as who I really am as I live here, within full awareness of who I am and within full responsibility of myself as the determining factor of my life.

Within applying these tools of self forgiveness, self honesty and self-corrective application, I have been able to permanently stop this experience of lostness, despair and uncertainty within myself as I realize that I am responsible for me, therefore I have the ability to stop all such experiences within myself - and the key has always been self-responsibility.

So, back to my initial question of 'why is it that I have been able to hear the Desteni message while others haven't?'. What I found is that I was open to try anything, to investigate anything, as I was determined to find out about life as what is going on in this world and who I am here - simply because I had lived a life that did not please me, I could not find anything that would make me feel good about myself anymore. It's like Desteni was my only option, my only 'Destiny' - so it's obvious that as long as people have things in their life that they do not want to give up, they will not consider that change is possible and even necessary. It's only when you lose everything that you will start looking for answers and start to open yourself up to the possibilities of what is here. This is the 'human nature' as the ego, wherein people will keep on participating in good, positive feelings as ignorance and unawareness as long as they possibly can - believing that this is who they really are, when really it is not.

So, what is necessary for humanity to start hearing Desteni as the message of change? Obviously what is necessary is for all of our lives to start collapsing, for us to lose the things/people in our lives that we keep holding onto within the belief that we need them to exist - so that we can realize that this is not who we really are and so we can stand up as the living expression of who we really are as life as oneness and equality within and as complete self-responsibility.

And why is this change necessary? Because if we do not start taking responsibility for who we are within ourselves, we are unable to really take responsibility for this world - and the result of that is what we are at the moment faced with, which is the complete destruction of this planet of earth due to to parasitic nature of the human ego that does not consider anything other than it's own personal feelings of happiness, bliss and love and that does not in fact see what is really going on in reality.

It's time we stand up and realize who we really are as life as self-responsible beings that take responsibility for all of life as what is here.
So visit Desteni, as it is our only destiny - and the destiny of earth.

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